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Having the highest number of indexed websites and scanning over 100 million web pages every day, our data is reliable and always relevant.
Combining this with SimilarWeb's industry-leading traffic analysis and categorization data, we offer the highest quality tech-based lead generation for web companies.

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Lead Generation

Use SimilarTech to generate leads based on websites that use a competitor's product or a technology that complements your own product. Target by country or site category and prioritize by monthly visits and website rank. Determine which of your leads is more likely to convert by examining the technologies their site uses.

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Competitive Intelligence

Know your competitors! see their market share and get their entire customer list. Website owners can also see which technologies your competitor's site has incorporated.

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Market Research

Discover technologies on the rise and those that are waning. Find out the hottest technologies in a specific market sector and see on which websites they operate. Check out which technologies your competitors have incorporated into their sites.

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Let the machines do the work! The SimilarTech API enables developers to easily and quickly integrate our data within websites and apps.
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