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Chikita deliver ad solutions to make your websites and campaigns more valuable.

EC-CUBE is an E-Commerce platform. EC-CUBE comes with a point purchase system, robust shipping/payment options that fit most countries laws and financial tools to measure sales.

A freely available eCommerce plugin that enables shop facilities on your WordPress website.

Content marketing platform to drive more visitors and leads to a website.

The social tool for your community to express themselves and talk together. Host awesome conversations, increase your user engagement.

A WordPress performance framework. Improve site performance via caching.

Websites using some form of Captcha technology on them.

Coinhive is proof of work captcha widget, alternative to Google's reCaptcha. This prevents spam at an inconvenience that is comparable to a classic captcha and provides the added benefit of earning money from user's' form submission.

WP Job Manager is a lightweight job listing plugin for adding job-board like functionality to your WordPress site.

Civil is a comments system that prevents abuse and harassment of users on content websites.

A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

WordPress Page Builder

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator perfect for personal, project, or organization sites. Jekyll takes your content, renders Markdown and Liquid templates, and spits out a complete, static website ready to be served by Apache, Nginx or another web server. Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can ...

Websites using some type of Facebook technology.

Facebook's Comments box lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook profile and shows this activity to their friends in news feed. It also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

UpToLike - social button constructor for your site with advanced functionality

Websites with cart functionality on them

Websites that accepts payments with American Express.

iDEAL is a payment method made up of a collection of agreements and standards for an immediate online transfer from a purchaser’s bank account to the bank account of a webshop or organisation.

Boleto Bancário, simply referred to as Boleto is a payment method in Brazil regulated by FEBRABAN, short for Brazilian Federation of Banks.

Stripe is a developer-friendly way to accept payments online and in mobile apps.

Adyen is a leading provider of omni-channel payment solutions with over 250 payment methods and 187 transaction currencies.

A UK online payment solution

Payment solution by CCAvenue

All in one money app

PensoPay provides a complete payment solution consisting of a payment gateway and a redemption account. It specializes in providing payment solutions for webshops.

Payment Solution by Paytm

QuickPay is a payment service provider

Payment solution by PhonePe

Online payment solution

Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later.

Buy now, pay later with Zip

Payment solution services by Bambora

Tipalti provides a complete global AP supplier payments and global mass payments management solution

Novalnet is Full Service Payment Provider.

Payment Gateway PayGate offers leading payment services to enterprise companies worldwide.

Payment solutions by Verifone

HiPay works closely with merchants to create an effective payment strategy through customer data analysis.

Payment solutions

Payment system from Alibaba Group.

Buy now pay later system from Australia. develops a payment processor system, providing a full payment service for merchants who want to accept payments online.

Paygent is a comprehensive settlement service that provides optimal payment methods to the needs of various means of settlement.

E-commerce payment platform

Local payments solutions for emerging markets

Online Payment service in Central America

Klarna Checkout takes the tries to take the hassle out of buying on mobile devices.

PayPal is a American international e-commerce service that enables companies and individuals to send money and to accept payments without revealing any financial details.

Czech Payment Gateway

A lightweight, purely text-based approach to terminal recording

Websites integrating a Coinhive JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain. These websites are using their visitors' devices processing power to generate Cryptocurrencies for the owner.

Website that accept bitcoin as payment method

Websites using some type of cookie consent system

nginx [engine x] is a HTTP server and mail proxy server written by Igor Sysoev.

Enyo is a JavaScript app framework enabling developers to build native-quality HTML5 apps that run everywhere.

Websites using https protocol.

UTF-8 (8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable-length character encoding for Unicode. It is the preferred encoding for web pages.