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diHITT is a site for the exchange and dissemination of news, blogs and opinions. The diHITT has interesting articles and texts, people forming opinion and a lot of interactivity. In diHITT you see the world with the eyes of the diversity of its participants.

Google+ platform websites integration using the Google+ platform tag.

The Tweet Button is a small widget which allows visitors to share content and connect on Twitter.

Let visitors recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+.

All Twitter's social tools, including buttons and timeline widgets.

jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library.

The website supports openid single digital identity via the use of OpenID.

The website contains Adobe Flash content embeded without the use of JavaScript.

UTF-8 (8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable-length character encoding for Unicode. It is the preferred encoding for web pages.

Google's hosted library for web fonts. Allows websites to choose and use fonts from a free, wide variety of fonts.

A entity that represents a blog.