Getting Started

Every SimilarTech user is eligible for a certain amount of monthly API credits, determined by the user's plan. Even non-paying users and users with non-API subscription plans are eligible for 10 monthly API credits, to experiment using our APIs.

Step 1: Creating your SimilarTech Account

In order to get started making APIs requests, first make sure you have created a SimilarTech user account.

Step 2: Getting your API Key

Your monthly API credits usage and availability is placed in the account page in your user dashboard.

The API key parameter is a user-specific identification key that we use for counting your credits usage. Your personal API key can be found in your user dashboard. It must be provided for all API calls.

Response headers

Each API response includes the following HTTP headers:

Key Description
X-RateLimit-Limit The amount of your total monthly API credits allowed in your current plan
X-RateLimit-Remaining The amount of your remaining monthly API credits

Available APIs

Additional APIs

Didn't find the API you were looking for? More APIs are in the works!