Finding Quality Leads as Simply as Searching the Web

SimilarTech Lead Generation tools are backed by our industry-leading engines, that monitor the internet in real-time and use advanced big data analysis algorithms to detect the right websites, at the right time. Check out the following easy-to-use tools to take advantage of this powerful data and easily translate it to high quality leads.

Technology Reports

Get lists of websites relevant for your company. Our advanced Technology Reports system, combines multiple types of data-sets, to produce powerful, targeted websites lists for marketing and sales teams. Category of a website, the country which most of its traffic is coming from, and obviously, the technologies it uses are among the filtering criteria.


Technology Alerts

Timing is a key factor in converting leads into customers. Our Technology Alerts tool will notify you when is the right time to contact which website. Track your competitor technologies' customers in real time - see who maybe just joined a trial and who has just left. You might be surprised how easy it is to convert them into your own customers.

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